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Spring is a great time of year to get your vehicle ready for Road Trip Season! With Spring approaching and the weather is warming up, it’s a great time to address a few service areas that may have been neglected during the long winter months. With a little preventative maintenance your vehicle will be ready for the much awaited spring weather.

Cleaning: If you drive in an area where salt is used, then you want to get all the salt off the vehicle which can cause rust and erosion. Simply going to through the car wash can really help get that buildup off the underside and exterior of your vehicle.  Since the outside of the vehicle is clean putting a new coat of wax will ensure your vehicle looks great and is protected for the spring and into the summer.  It’s also a great time to clean the inside of the car. Winter also takes a toll on carpets and we drag the salt, rocks and other debris into the vehicle. We recommend using a cleaner that doesn’t leave a slick residue and look for something that will protect your interior from the harsh summer sun.

Tires: Obviously winter is a time when your tires can make all the difference but as the rainy season approaches it is important to have tires that will keep you and your family safe. Having your tires inspected for tread wear and other issues could save you time and money later. Any tire that is 2/32 or below should be replaced. If you have winter tires on, it’s time to take them off and store them for next year. Lastly, ensure the tire pressure is correct. Rising and falling temperature play a role in the pressure of your tires and having tires inflated to the proper temperature ensures you get the maximum performance out of your tires and your vehicles handling capabilities.

Brakes: As the temperature rises so does our desire for road trips. Your brakes are one of the most critical systems on your vehicle and you want them to function at their best. If your brake pads are warn and close to the end of their useful life, it a great time to replace them before they start grinding which can lead to a more expensive repair bill. Most service providers include cleaning and lubricating the braking components which might be in need after winter.

Alignment: If you live in an area that has freezing rain and snow your roads are going to have potholes and they typically develop in the spring. If you do hit one of these potholes and now your vehicle is pulling you to the left or right, you probably need an alignment. If you need help finding a shop to perform the alignment, use our “Find My Shop” feature.

Wiper Blades:  Are your wiper blades squeaking or is there not enough tension where they are leaving streaks? There are signs that your wiper blades should be replaced. Spring is a time where we will see plenty of rain and having your wiper blades perform will help you see better. Many part stores and service providers offer free installation so take advantage of their expertise.

If the above list seems too daunting take your vehicle to your local repair shop and ask about their comprehensive inspections. Many offer to inspect the above and much more for around $20. If you need help finding a repair shop Use our Locater on the home page.

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