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For many us, we have been looking forward to summer for months. But, summer isn’t all sunshine and blue skies,  summer can take a toll on a vehicle so having the critical areas addressed, may help you get through this summer without any issues.

Check the AC system: Although not a critical component to the vehicle, we all love our air conditioning and now is the time we need it the most. One way to check it is to simply turn the A/C on and see if it blows cold air. If the air is warm, it’s an obvious a sign there is an issue. Today’s vehicles are sealed much more tightly than older models but your vehicle might be low on refrigerant due to a leak and needs to be serviced. Many repair shops offer an AC performance check and can connect gauges to ensure the correct repair or service is done on your vehicle. One thing you may notice when your vehicle’s A/C is running is water dripping from underneath the vehicle. This is a completely normal function of the A/C system.

Check the Cooling System: The vehicle’s Air Conditioning keeps us cool but the vehicle relies on its cooling system to keep it cool. The water pump circulates the coolant around the engine to capture the vehicle’s heat and then sends it to the radiator for cooling. It is important that your vehicle’s cooling system is operating properly these hot days. You should always ensure the system is filled, if it is low, fill accordingly and use the correct type, your owner’s manual or a repair facility will tell you which type your vehicle requires.

Battery:  Did you know that most batteries fail or show signs of failure during warm temperatures? Many think of a cold winter day when our vehicle won’t start as the day the battery failed, but it’s the heat that kills the battery and the issue may not be noticed until winter. Having the battery checked out during the summer months could not only save you in the summer but could prevent you from being stranded during this upcoming winter.

Tires: A change in temperature means there is a change in tire pressure. Tires will also loose a small amount of air over time so if it’s been a while since your vehicle has been serviced, it might be time to check them.  You can find the correct tire pressure in the owner’s manual or on the vehicle’s placard.

If you are heading on a summer road trip, a comprehensive inspection is always a great idea before you hit the open road. Many repair facilities run specials this time of year which may save you money on top of the piece of mind you get from knowing your vehicle is in great shape. If you need help finding a repair shop, click the “Find My Shop” button to find a shop in your area.

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