MAP Vision

A world in which every motorist trusts the automotive maintenance and repair industry

MAP Mission

Dedicated to equipping the automotive maintenance and repair industry with standards that build trusted relationships with the motorist.


All service facilities that participate in the Motorist Assurance Program will display a door decal indicating that they have agreed to adhere to the MAP Pledge of Assurance to Customers and the MAP Standards of Service. By using a MAP qualified shop you will benefit from:

  • Better understanding of the status of your vehicle’s systems and which of these systems  are “okay’ or have maintenance or repair items that are either “Required” or  “Suggested”
  • Uniformity of recommendations from one MAP qualified facility to another when you may choose to seek a second opinion from another participating facility.

The Motorist Assurance Program addresses important consumer concerns:


The Motorist Assurance Program provides the consistent inspection and communication standards that guide your auto repair professional in servicing and repairing your vehicle. Over 25 years ago, the automotive industry recognized the need for consistent standards for service providers and as a result joined together collaboratively to initiate the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP).  The outcome of this effort – by a cross section of the entire industry – was the formation of today’s MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards (UICS) that guide service professionals. Improving communication between you and the repair facility will enable you to understand exactly the condition of your vehicles systems and have the results of the inspection communicated to you clearly and consistently so that you both are on the same page as to what is suggested or required and what you agreed to be done.

These guidelines give you the information you need to make an educated decision on the proper repair and maintenance procedures for their vehicle. You and shop technician together use the guidelines to agree on the work the shop will do on your vehicle, thus eliminating any confusion.

MAP Pledge to Customers

We Promise to:

  • Provide written recommendations for repairs
  • Provide a written estimate for the repairs
  • No work will be performed without prior authorization
  • Employ trained personnel in accordance with MAP Standards of Service
  • Inspect your vehicle based on the MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards
  • Include a written limited warranty at no extra cost
  • Address any disputes in a timely, professional manner

What Our Standards Mean

As part of the MAP process, prior to any work being performed on your vehicle, an inspection of the appropriate system must be performed. The results of the inspection must be documented on the inspection form and explained to you. The inspection may indicate that service or parts replacement are “okay” and performing as designed, “Required” because the part in question is no longer providing the function for which it is intended, or does not meet the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended design. The inspection may indicate that service or parts replacement are “Suggested” because the part is close to the end of its useful life or addresses a customer’s need, convenience or request. If a customer’s vehicle has one of these conditions, the team member may only suggest service. We are dedicated to keeping your vehicle operating as designed and – most importantly – safely. As a customer, you have the right to choose the service or maintenance performed on your vehicle with the full knowledge of the implications of that repair or maintenance service. You may decide not to follow some of the suggested recommendations, however, when a repair is “Required” a MAP Participating Shop will likely refuse to perform partial service on that system if, in the judgment of the service provider, proceeding with the work could create or continue an unsafe condition.

Reasons to “Require” Repair or Replacement

A- Part no longer performs intended purpose

B- Part does not meet a design specification (regardless of performance)

C- Part is missing

Note:  Required services should always be performed as recommended
Reasons to “Suggest” Repair or Replacement

1- Part is close to the end of its useful life (just above discard  specifications, or  weak; failure likely to occur soon, etc.)

2- To address a customer need, convenience, or request (to stiffen ride,  enhance performance, eliminate noise, etc.)

3- To comply with maintenance recommended by the vehicle’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

4- Technician’s recommendation based on substantial and informed experience

Note: Suggested services are always optional.

MAP Participating Facility

Every MAP Participating Facility has an associate who is trained and MAP-Qualified to expertly communicate vehicle repair and maintenance OPTIONS effectively and consistently.

Both you and the repair shop get off to a better start when you share a common road map to maintaining your vehicle. Clear communication and prioritization will help you maintain your vehicle throughout its life cycle.

MAP Participating Facilities use the Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards as a road map when they inspect and communicate service needs. These standards give the shop a “customer communication/education tool” and process to follow when inspecting a vehicle and before proceeding with any repairs

Shop staff can review these Industry Standards with you, then provide a written estimate, explaining in clear language exactly which services will be done to the vehicle – and why.

Using these MAP guidelines and materials helps assure that you will receive consistent service and repair recommendations, based on uniform industry standards.

Look for the MAP Participating Facility logo to ensure MAP-Qualified individuals are inspecting and making service recommendations for your vehicle.

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