Finding a Good Auto Repair Shop

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With vehicle repair complexity increasing, it is important for motorists to have a shop they trust to keep their vehicle on the road. There are a few factors to consider when determining whether or not a shop has the traits that best represent a trusted shop.


Transparency plays a major role in a trusted shop. A shop that is transparent about their process and makes you part of the vehicle service journey ensures you will be communicated to along the way to help you make an informed decision. The shop should also be transparent with their pricing and you should approve any recommendation prior to the service so there should be no surprises once you get your bill. Lastly, the shop should be transparent about future service needs. This will help you plan for those future expenses.

Customer Service:

Costumer service has changed quite a bit over the years because our expectations have changed dramatically. For many of us, we want to feel important, we want the shop to think about the repairs on our vehicles as if they are thinking about the repairs on their own vehicles. We want to be part of the process, we want to know the person working on our vehicle has the expertise to repair it. And if we are waiting at the repair shop we want to be connected through Wi-Fi to stay engaged with works, family etc.


Having an issue with your vehicle can be a big inconvenience to your life so looking for a shop that is close to your work or home maybe important. Some shops offer free transportation or a loaner car so you can still make it to work, pick up the kids or enjoy the weekend. Some shops have expanded hours so you can stop by for the oil change on your way home or open on weekends to better fir your lifestyle.

If you have a shop you trust, you are in a great position. If you are looking for a shop. We suggest using our Find My Shop feature below!

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      • Lloyd Bronson

        I found it beneficial that you mentioned in your article that it is important to find an auto repair shop that will be upfront with you regarding certain issues in your vehicle. My spouse and I have noticed that my car has not been working as well as it did back when we first got it. I’ll be sure to find a reliable auto service provider to help us out in our time of need!

      • Taylor Wright

        I like that you said the shop should be upfront about their pricing and if you need any future servicing. Last night I noticed that my steering wheel started to shake while driving. I’ll have to find a good auto shop to take it in and looked at.

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