MAP-Qualified Program

Every MAP Participating Facility has at least one (1) associate who is trained and MAP-Qualified to expertly communicate vehicle repair and maintenance OPTIONS effectively and consistently with the customer.

Both the repair shop and customer get off to a better start when they share a common "road map" to maintaining the customer's vehicle; helping to prevent misunderstandings.  

MAP Participating Facilities use such a road map: the Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards (UICS).  These standards give the shop a "customer communication/education tool" and process to follow when inspecting a vehicle and before proceeding with any repairs.

Shop staff can review these Industry Standards with the customer -- and then provide him or her with a  MAP-required, written estimate,  explaining in clear language exactly which services will be done to the vehicle - and why.

Using these MAP guidelines and materials helps assure  customers that they will receive consistent service and repair recommendations, based on uniform industry standards.

Look for the MAP Participating Facility logo to ensure MAP-Qualified individuals are inspecting and making service recommendations for your car.