The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA) is a membership trade organization  whose members are automotive repair shops, their parts and equipment suppliers, car companies, manufacturers' representatives, industry consultants and other automotive trade associations. 

Since AMRA's inception in 1992, its members have worked together with legislators, regulators, and most importantly, motorists across the country to help eliminate negative perceptions, improve communication and build trust.

AMRA works to improve the relationship between the motorist, the automotive repair industry and all levels of government.  This is accomplished through the education of the motorist and service provider along with the creation of and adherence to industry standards.  

At AMRA, we believe that much of the negative perceptions people have about automotive service stem from inconsistent experiences they may have had when visiting repair outlets.  From one visit to the next, customers can be exposed to different processes, inspection procedures -- even terminology. 

And, if someone does not understand or does not know what to expect, they can become confused and frustrated, which typically leads to a loss of trust.  To address this, AMRA established the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) with the goal of implementing Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards, developed by AMRA for the auto repair industry.  

AMRA's Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) is dedicated to helping the automotive service and repair industry earn consumer trust through the MAP Participating Facility program and by utilizing the MAP Standards of Service, and Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards.  

MAP believes the repair facility and the consumer will get off to a better start if they share a common "road map" to inspecting the customer's car, and then talking about the inspection results -- something each could follow to help prevent any misunderstandings.

More than twenty-five years later, AMRA and its Motorist Assurance Program is the only automotive industry association dedicated to establishing industry standards that provide a clear benefit to the motorist.  AMRA/MAP member companies understand that putting the consumer first builds trust and that earning a customer's trust is the very best way to earn a customer's business.