MAP Reason for Repair Codes

1. It is MAP policy that before any service is preformed on a vehicle, an inspection of the appropriate system must be performed; the condition of the component, codes and procedures are determined according to the Uniform Communication & Inspection Standards.

2. The results of the inspection must be documented on an inspection form and explained to the customer. The inspection may indicate that service or parts replacement are "Required" because the part in question is no longer providing the function for which it is intended, or does not meet the vehicle manufacturer's recommended design. The inspection may indicate that service or parts replacement are "Suggested" because the part is close to the end of its useful life or addresses a customer's need, convenience or request. If a customer's vehicle has one of these conditions, the procedure may be to only suggest service.

3. A customer, of course, has the choice of whether or not a shop will service their vehicle. He or she may decide not to follow some of your recommendations. However, when a repair is "Required" a MAP Participating Shop must refuse partial service on that system if, in the judgment of the service provider, proceeding with the work could create or continue an unsafe condition.

MAP Repair Codes

Reasons to "Require" Repair or Replacement

A  -  Part no longer performs intended purpose
B  -  Part does not meet a design specification (regardless of performance)
C  -  Part is missing

Note: When a repair is required, the shop must refuse partial service to the system in question, if the repair creates or continues an unsafe condition

Reasons to "Suggest" Repair or Replacement

1  -  Part is close to the end of its useful life (just above discard specifications, or weak; failure likely to occur soon, etc.)
2  -  To address a customer need, convenience, or request (to stiffen ride, enhance performance, eliminate noise, etc.)
3  -  To comply with maintenance recommended by the vehicle's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
4  -  Technician's recommendation based on substantial and informed experience

Note: Suggested services are always optional. When presenting suggested repairs to the customer, you must present the facts, allowing the customer to draw their own conclusions and make an informed decision about how to proceed.