Save Money on Car Repairs

If your car is not performing to its full potential, and it's time to get a check-up, remember the following tips to help you save money on repairs:

Choose Wisely
If you live in any small to medium sized town there are at least a dozen places you can visit for car repair. All MAP car repair service centers have agreed to follow a specific code of conduct that was designed to serve you. Read more about the MAP process here.

Even automobiles need to take a break now and then.  If you drive your car everyday the miles will add up quickly, and damage can occur before expected.  To avoid this, consider carpooling with friends and coworkers. Today there are many websites that offer car pooling service across the country. Ask around to form your own carpool group.  You'll all save on maintenance, and you'll be able to pool your fuel and parking expenses.  

Before choosing a service facility to repair your car, be sure to get a written estimate. If you are near a MAP service center, take a look at the MAP process here.

Preventive Maintenance 
Once your car is back in tip-top shape, save money by being your car's best friend. By having performed regular preventative maintenance, such as regular oil changes and radiator flushes, you prevent unnecessary damage to the car and save a lot of money in the long run.  Regular checkups by a qualified automotive technician will keep your car running better & longer.

As an automobile owner, you have a responsibility to keep your car properly maintained at all times. 

Consider it an investment in your car's future, and remember that it could save not only your life but another person's aswell.