Choosing & Ordering Tires From Auto Repair Shops

Tires go with us everywhere and although they do require replacement, it is amazing how long they last! The tires on your car are literally on the road everywhere you go and, when it does comes time to change them, our philosophy is that nothing but the best will do.

The first step to choosing tires for your car is determining the style and size of your current tires and writing it down on a piece of paper. Choosing tires can be a fun process. There are so many choices available, and they can make your car look a lot different.

If you desire a bigger stronger looking car, you may go with wider or bigger tires than you had before. If you desire a lower ride, or a more compact look, maybe a thinner tire is your choice. If factory size is your top choice, then that look is also a great choice.

Depending upon your rim and car type, it is obvious you cannot place tractor tires on a MINI.

Other than the look you would like, when choosing tires for your car, two of the most important considerations are quality and warranty.

When purchasing any new type of automobile equipment or parts, such as tires, you should receive a clear warranty from the manufacturer and any of your local MAP repair shops will be able to explain these warranties to you.

In order for most warranties to remain effective, it is important to keep the original purchase receipt and follow any instructions as provided with the purchase of your new tires.

When it comes to selecting a repair shop to order and install the tires, you will want to make sure that they offer quality service and have a reputation to match. Since this was an ongoing challenge for many consumers to research and discover on their own, this became one of the biggest reason for why MAP was created. MAP repair shops must offer a high standard of service, a quality that we know you will appreciate.

When you are ready to purchase, call one of your local MAP auto repair shops and inquire about tire availability. If the tires that you need are in stock, the technicians may be able to service your car immediately. If you are unsure of what you want, and they have samples in house, then pay them a visit to review your options.

If your ties must be ordered, you will be given a cost estimate and an expected date of arrival.

Before agreeing to the order, make sure that you have everything in writing. Make sure your estimate involves both parts and labor, so that you clearly know the cost of tires and the cost of installation. the actual labor.

Enjoy your new tires!