Avoid Costly Manual Transmission Repair

A vehicle equipped with a manual transmission is often known as a vehicle with a stick shift. Before automatic transmissions became common, this was the only option available.

The ability to drive manual transmission cars is now becoming a dying art.  According to Ward?s Communications, in 1985, 22.4% of all vehicles sold in the United States came with a manual transmission. By 2007, the number had plummeted to 7.7%! Our guess is that the number will keep going down.

The few drivers who choose manual do it because shifting gears is fun!

The top tip we can offer the new drivers that decide to go manual is to avoid costly manual transmission repair by learning with someone who is an experienced driver.

While learning here are the top 3 mistakes to avoid expensive manual transmission repairs:

#1 Do not downshifting to brake
If you downshift, your car will slow its pace, and you will hear your engine get louder. This is called down shifting and this puts unnecessary stress on your transmission. Doing this repetitively will wear out your manual transmission faster than using your brakes will wear out your brake pads.

#2 Do not "Ride the Clutch"
While driving people with manual transmissions shift gears a lot, it is important that while shifting, you let go of the clutch completely every time. Riding the clutch means that the driver keeps applying pressure on the clutch or will rest their foot on the clutch pedal. Riding the clutch will wear it out prematurely.
#3 Shift correctly
If you are going forward, the absolute worst thing you could do is shift into reverse. Next to that is shifting in a ?lazy way? without using the clutch properly. If you attempt this, you will hear a nasty grinding noise. Your car is a well-oiled machine; try to operate with it, not against it.

If you are one of the manual transmission lovers out there, take these tips in to keep your manual transmission repair to a minimum.