Auto Repair - The Hard Truth

Over the years there have been 1000?s of articles with tips and suggestions on finding an honest or good technician. These can be found on various government and consumer websites, and in a variety of auto repair articles.

The hard truth is that although most of these articles have good intent, the information offered is very similar, and by following the basic guidelines, you may still get yourself into trouble.

Across the board, even on our own website you?ll be advised to check around by word of mouth (WOM), and make sure that you see ASE or AAA posted somewhere. You will also be advised to check out the facility?make sure it?s clean, and of course, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Most tips and suggestions only scratch at the surface of the automotive world. Traditional tips and suggestions are only a band-aid, when a true solution is required.

We envisioned the solution for consumers to be a trusted source that actually provided clear direction to the repair shop about how and when to suggest the repairs. The consumer also needs to know what really goes on with repair "pricing" in order to make sense of auto repair costs. With the right guidance and information, the playing field can be leveled, and the automotive customer can easily take charge of car repair prices.

With these and many other points in mind we created guidelines of service that our members have agreed to follow.